Once our fossils have been preserved and reassembled, they go to their new permanent home in the collections room. Here, fossils are labelled, organized, and distributed among the cabinets and shelves around the room. From the windows, visitors can look in on a room filled with more than 30,000 cataloged fossils from the Gray Fossil Site and other fossil localities from the Appalachian region.

The crew in the collections room work diligently to catalog the fossils with all the appropriate information that will be needed by researchers who come here to study them. Also frequently spotted in this room are the researchers themselves, professors and students in the process of identifying, describing, and interpreting fossil remains.  

The people that work in this room are a combination of museum staff, university students, and volunteers. Museum guests can hear a detailed description of the work done in collections by joining the Paleo Tours that are offered throughout each day.

Exhibit Location
Gray Fossil Site Museum - 2nd Floor