The Zoology lab provides a space for the preparation of modern vertebrate specimens for curation in the Zoology collections. This is a general purpose wet lab where staff, students, and researchers can perform anatomical dissections. Zoological specimens are prepared via maceration or dermestid beetle colonies, then cleaned and sanitized before entering the collection area. All zoological specimens collected by museum staff or donated from outside sources are legally obtained and treated respectfully during the preparation process. The lab is managed by a lab technician and provides a platform for research in non-human anatomy and functional morphology.


  • Around 100 specimens prepared each year.
  • Wide variety of specimens sourced locally and from zoos, wildlife agencies, and other research institutions.
  • The lab provides opportunities for students to study vertebrate anatomy through preparation.

I am fascinated by the variety of animals I get to work with. I might get to study a hyrax one day, then a bear the next, then a serval!” ~ Laura Emmert, Lab Technician

Laura Emmert