The Laboratory for Advanced Methods in Paleoecology and Chronology (LAMPeC) provides a platform for paleoecological and chronological research through its wet lab and archaeomagnetic dating facilities. The analytical capacity of LAMPeC is, by design, flexible and extensible. At its core, LAMPeC provides wet lab facilities for preparing stable isotope samples and analyzing oriented sediment samples for archaeomagnetic dating. However, this facility also has the capacity to perform basic preparation of sediment/geological samples for a variety of analyses, and samples of bone and other organic materials for radiocarbon dating. These functions support both student and faculty research. This facility is open to any ETSU student or faculty member who would like to utilize the lab.


Current Research Projects

  • Stable isotope analyses of sloth teeth from Hoyo Negro, Yucatan, Mexico (Quaternary)
  • Stable isotope analyses of mammoth and mastodon teeth from the Midwestern and Southeastern US (Quaternary). 
  • Analyses of paleoecological and geological samples from Saltville, VA (Quaternary)
  • Stable isotope analyses of oxygen isotopes in reptile PO4 from the Gray Fossil Site (Pliocene)

Wet Lab Equipment

  • Micro- and full-sized centrifuges
  • Dissecting and compound microscopes (w/camera)
  • Micro-balance
  • Sample collecting equipment (rotary tools, saws, etc.)
  • Custom-built micro-mill for collecting small samples from oversized specimens
  • Vacuum oven
  • Furnace

Archaeomagnetic Dating Lab Equipment

  • Schoenstedt Spinner magnetometer configured for sediment sample cubes
  • AC demagnetizer