Lesson 2. What makes an alligator happy? 

Let’s revisit your definition of a habitat. What were the basic requirements you came up with as a class? Among your requirements, you should have listed food, water, shelter, space to grow and raise young, and basic climatic conditions like temperature and precipitation. For this module, the working definition of a habitat is: 


the place where an animal or plant lives and gets all the things it needs to survive, such as food, water, shelter and space to grow, breed and raise their young


Using this definition, what are the important pieces of information you need in order to understand what makes an alligator happy? For instance, what type of food do alligators need? How much water do alligators need, and do they use it for anything besides drinking? What type of shelter do alligators use? As a class, brainstorm the types of information you need to gather, and then look at the Alligator Requirements worksheet to see how your questions line up with those provided. 

Now, you’ll need to do some research to find the answers to what makes an alligator happy. Divide into smaller groups so that each group can take a question on the Alligator Habitat Requirements form. Use some of the following sources, or those provided by your teacher, to help you answer your group’s question. Be sure to add all of the details you find to your assigned question.

Alligator Research Sources:

WGCU Curious Kids: Alligators at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida in Naples.

Once everyone has completed their research, come back as a class and discuss your findings. Revisit your early ideas about alligators and what they need to be happy. If you did a drawing, look at it and think about what you might add or change now that you’ve done some research.