Join Brian Compton and Shawn Haugrud as they take a closer look at the people, stories and events of the Gray Fossil Site, as seen through their eyes. If you are looking for some light humor with a touch of science, this is the podcast for you.

This podcast is not currently producing new episodes, but all previous episodes are available for listening!

A Touch of Gray Hosts:

Shawn Haugrud is a Gray Fossil Site & Museum preparator and oversees field and laboratory operations for the Gray Fossil Site.
Brian Compton manages the modern specimen collections and laboratory for the Gray Fossil Site & Museum..

A Touch Of Gray - Episode 3 - Welcome to The Bridge

In Episode 3, we discuss the layout of our new state of the art prep lab located in the E.T.S.U. Natural History Museum located at the Gray Fossil Site.  You'll learn about the layout of the lab, all the important and useful features the new lab has to offer, as compared to the small Brown Hall lab, and other interesting topics. And, of course, we'll be sharing more of our fun stories as well.

Kevin McLeod is the talented artist responsible for writing and recording the music for this podcast!!!

A Touch of Gray - Episode 2 - Nerds in the Basement

A Touch of Gray is a bimonthly podcast about the Gray Fossil Site.

The fossil preparation lab was not always located at the Natural History Museum at the Gray Fossil Site.  In episode 2, we talk about our first experiences working in the paleontology lab located on the E.T.S.U. campus in Brown Hall and mention some of the people who made that experience memorable and some of the stories we'll never forget!

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A Touch of Gray - Episode 1 - From the Balcony/Introduction

A Touch of Gray is a bimonthly podcast hosted by Brian Compton and Shawn Haugrud.  This episode is an introduction to the podcast in general, where we explain who we are and what roles and duties we play at the Gray Fossil Site.

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Musical credit is given to: Kevin MacLeod