Join Brian Compton and Shawn Haugrud as they take a closer look at the people, stories and events of the Gray Fossil Site, as seen through their eyes. If you are looking for some light humor with a touch of science, this is the podcast for you.

This podcast is not currently producing new episodes, but all previous episodes are available for listening!

A Touch of Gray Hosts:

Shawn Haugrud is a Gray Fossil Site & Museum preparator and oversees field and laboratory operations for the Gray Fossil Site.
Brian Compton manages the modern specimen collections and laboratory for the Gray Fossil Site & Museum..

A Touch of Gray - Episode 23 - Pandamonium

Tomorrow is National Red Panda Day! So, today we are celebrating with Red Panda expert, Dr. Steven Wallace, a.k.a Wally! He will be telling us all about these cute and amazing pandas and how they live around the world, as well as how they lived long ago, here at the Gray Fossil Site. Celebrate Red Panda Day tomorrow, Sept. 15th!

A Touch of Gray - Episode 22 - Wayne's World

In episode 22, we interview long time volunteer and friend, Wayne Robertson.  Wayne has been volunteering his time at the Gray Fossil Site since 2005, so he has been here almost as long as we have.  So, enjoy this episode, where you will learn more about the life and times of Wayne Robertson!!

A Touch of Gray - Episode 21 - It Belongs in a Museum

In Episode 21, we are talking about The Gray Fossil Site Museum. Ever wonder how our museum got its unique shape in the first place? The exteriors here have some stories as well as the interiors of the building itself. Stay tuned to find out more!

A Touch of Gray - Episode 20 - And the winner is... Rhinos

After the voting poll, the peoples choice of topic for this week was, Rhinos! So we have another special episode with our guest Rachel Short, to talk with us all about Rhinos and what she has learned about them over the years.

Music Credit to Kevin Mcleod.

A Touch of Gray - Episode 19 - Haugrud's School of Labcraft and Fieldery

Where would Shawn's sorting hat place you? Find out in this weeks episode as we talk about the different jobs here at the Gray Fossil site! 

A Touch of Gray - Episode 18 - Straight Outta Compton

This week we're talking all about collections and we will have Brian filling us in on what he does in the collections area for the Gray Fossil Site! We will also answer some questions from our viewers and go more into detail about how we do some of our research.

Music Credit to Kevin Mcleod.

A Touch of Gray - Episode 17 - Keep Kalm and Dig On

This week we will be interviewing some of our field crew and talking about how the field season is going, as well as talking all about our favorite restaurant out here at Gray! 

Music Credit to Kevin Mcleod.

A Touch of Gray - Episode 16 - Pickin and Grinnin

For this weeks episode, we will be talking about picking in the lab. We have a lot of great volunteers here at The Gray Fossil site who help us find thousands of micro fossils every year. We will discuss this process and how we keep up with all of these tiny treasures!

Music credit to Kevin Mcleod.

A Touch of Gray - Episode 15 - Friday the 13th

With summer camp is just beginning here at the Gray Fossil Site, we will be talking about all the fun activities and experiments that go on as well as answering some questions from our listeners!

Music Credit to Kevin McLeod

A Touch of Gray - Episode 14 - Master Blaster

In the spirit of 4th of July week, we have a special episode with returning guest, Dr. Steven Wallace, who will be talking with us about blowing stuff up! Sometimes out in the pit we run into some very large boulders, this is how we get rid of them!