A Touch of Gray - Episode 2 - Nerds in the Basement

A Touch of Gray is a bimonthly podcast about the Gray Fossil Site.

The fossil preparation lab was not always located at the Natural History Museum at the Gray Fossil Site.  In episode 2, we talk about our first experiences working in the paleontology lab located on the E.T.S.U. campus in Brown Hall and mention some of the people who made that experience memorable and some of the stories we'll never forget!

Please contact us through email via atouchofgraypodcast@gmail.com or view our website at atouchofgraypodcast.com

Music credit given to Kevin MacLeod.

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A Touch of Gray Hosts:

Shawn Haugrud is a Gray Fossil Site & Museum preparator and oversees field and laboratory operations for the Gray Fossil Site.
Brian Compton manages the modern specimen collections and laboratory for the Gray Fossil Site & Museum..