Welcome to the Gray Fossil Site & Museum Website!

David Photo
Exhibit at the Gray Fossil Site, with replica skeletons of tapirs, rhino, and alligator

Ever since the Museum first opened in 2007, a core part of our mission has been bringing the science of paleontology to the general public, to our students, and to our fellow scientists. In recent years, we’ve been exploring more and more options for expanding our efforts online through social media, online events and programs, and now we’re excited to add the brand-new Gray Fossil Site & Museum website.

The goal of this website is to provide an online source of information, resources, and scientific updates on the paleontological work at the Gray Fossil Site and beyond. This project has been in the works for a while, and we’re proud to say there’s plenty to explore.

Here’s a quick tour through the sections of the website and what you can expect to find.

Learn & Explore. This section is full of information for learners and teachers. The educational resources in this section include an introduction to the Gray Fossil Site, an archive of videos and podcasts, and our blog.

Visit. If you’re looking for an in-person experience, come visit us! This section provides information on museum admission, hours of operation, and ongoing educational programs. You can also browse through our museum exhibits for a preview.

Research. This section of the site gets into more detail on the scientific work of the Museum. Here, you’ll find information on our laboratories and collections, as well as information for students and other researchers looking to get involved in our work.

Get Involved. In this section, find out how you can support the museum by donating, becoming a member, or joining our expansive team of volunteers whose help is integral to the work we do in the field and labs.

Newsdesk. Our news archive is constantly growing as our students and staff publish new research from the Gray Fossil Site and beyond. This section also features an FAQ for reporters looking for basic information.

About. For those who’d like to get to know us even better, this section includes more information on the Center of Excellence in Paleontology, our museum collaborators, and our staff

We think the most exciting thing about this website is its potential to grow. We’re already working on more educational material to add to the Learn & Explore section, more posts for this blog, and more research updates for the Newsdesk. And as our scientific work continues to expand at the Gray Fossil Site and beyond, the website will expand to encompass it.

Our hope is that this website will be a major bridge to connect our museum to the world online, and we’re thrilled that you’re here to read about it.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you’ll Learn & Explore, Visit, and Get Involved.