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  News from the Gray Fossil Site & Museum

Artist's depiction of fossil turtle, Chrysemys corniculata

New species of “horned” turtle identified from Gray Fossil Site

The Gray Fossil Site in Gray, Tennessee preserves a five-million-year-old ecosystem once home to rhinos, mastodons, red pandas, and many more extinct species which made their home in and around an ancient pond. Among the most common fossil animals found at the site are turtles.

Artwork of an ancient borophagine dog

Bone-crushing dogs join short list of ancient apex predators at the Gray Fossil Site

An award hangs on the wall beside a museum exhibit.

Tennessee Association of Museums Honors Gray Fossil Site Students and Staff

The 2022 conference of the Tennessee Association of Museums (TAM) was held in March. Several Gray Fossil Site students and staff were present at the conference and were honored to be the recipients of two awards.